Sukil Tarnas & Khushboo Agarwal are photographers whose journeys in the path of photography made them cross roads and come together in their lives too.

Sukil Tarnas  Four rolls of film, a 35mm film camera on loan and the wise advice to set it at f5.6, 100 ISO and shoot at 1/125th shutter speed to photographically cover a student movement event. A whole new world opened for him. He gave up the study of chemistry and took to visual communication at Loyola College, Chennai. What followed was the opportunity to work at Light & Life Academy, Ooty. And then study post graduation in professional photography at the same place, learning the finer points of light, colour and composition.Followed by assisting some greats of the industry like Iqbal Mohamed, Sharad Haksar and Sundar Ramu. Armed with the confidence to take on the world he would like to create images that have meaning and make a difference of some kind that is valuable.

Khushboo Agarwal   Hailing from a family of Hindi pundits, Khushboo’s exposure to poetry and literature gave her an inclination towards art and creativity from a very young age. Her interest in dancing embarked into a journey of endless learning of different dance styles, every step deepening her thirst to learn more. In MOP Vaishnav College where she did her BSc in Visual Communication, she was introduced to photography, an art form that would link her to other art forms furthermore. She right away took up the PG Dip in Light and Life Academy, Ooty after which assisting photographer Iqbal Mohamed gave her the strong technical grounds and deep passion for the art. She aspires to do better work than yesterday every day.

Wedding Chronicles India is Sukil & Khushboo's event photography company that gives solutions for all kinds of wedding and Event photography requirements.