Are you looking at developing your hobby of photography and taking it more seriously.

Would you like to learn and explore what more you can do with your camera?

Or are you a complete beginner and will like to have a complete understanding on the art and science of photography.

Zero to Hero in Photography is for you- the explorer, who would like to take his/her photography skill one step ahead.


This comprehensive workshop aims at not only starting you off with the basics of photography but also takes you in depth into various elements and factors that one has to use and work with as a photographer.  Continuous assignments and feedback sessions fused with interactive practice sessions and photo walks on location will ensure a deep and clear understanding of the subject and make you a well rounded photographer.

SESSIONS over 4 weekends. One session of about 2-3 hours each. 3 out of the 10 sessions will be exploring and practice based interactive learning sessions on different locations. At the end of the module an exhibition of the best pictures of the participants will be conducted in the  SKP studio.

Take Away

Complete understanding of your camera and the modes

Moving from trial and error to getting exactly what you want from your photography

Using creative and technical skills to make great photographs

An exhibition of selected pictures of the participants will be held at the SKP Studio at the end of the session.

Topics Covered

1. Working & Modes of DSLR Camera

3. Taking care of your camera

4. Different types of lenses 

5. Introduction to Focal Length

6. Understanding Exposure

7. Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Setting

8. Exposure Triangle

9. Metering, Bracketing, Focusing

10. Depth of field

11. White Balance

12. Types of File formats

13. Composing a good frame

14. Elements of creativity

15. Quality and direction of light

16. Color

17. Macro Photography

18. Basic Intro to Photoshop 

19. Photoshop workflow for photography editing

20. Photography for social media


Are you new parents with a little bundle of joy? Would you like to take stunning pictures of the baby at home and document every little step and action of her in a much better way? Do you wish you could get some better portraits of your family at the most recent family get together?

This session is for you. Never mind the type of camera or equipment you have, because be it a DSLR, a digital point and shoot camera or a phone camera, there is always a better way to do things. And these little tips and tricks will help you take your portraits to a much better and superior quality.