- a PHOTOGRAPHY 101 session!

Did you buy a camera out of a sudden spur of enthusiasm? Always using your camera  on Auto Mode?

Would you like to get creative and explore your interest in photography more  in your upcoming holiday?

Does your camera seem like an alien device to you with too many technical jargons that go above your head?

This session is meant for you- the beginner. Move on from wondering to actually knowing and start off on the journey of exploring your photography skills with confidence. Clear all those doubts that have been haunting your mind in the Q&A session. 


This is a 5-6 hour theory session mixed with some practice time that aims at completely clearing all your doubts and get rid of the fear of your camera without bombarding you with jargons. The interactive style will put you at ease and the ultimate motive is to get you started in photography with a clear head. Refreshments are included.

Take Away

Complete understanding of your camera and the modes

Moving from trial and error to getting exactly what you want from your photography

Complete knowledge about the technical side of photography

Topics Covered

1. How does a DSLR camera work

2. Modes of a DSLR Camera

3. Taking care of your camera

4. Different types of lenses 

5. Introduction to Focal Length

6. Understanding Exposure

7. Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Setting

8. Exposure Triangle

9. Metering, Bracketing, Focusing

10. Depth of field

11. White Balance

12. File formats

13. Q&A session


  Rs.2,500/- per person



  No.195, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10